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Center for Robotics, Laparoscopy, and Advanced Urology
A Division of WESTMED Medical Group

MRI Fusion Biopsy

Our center offers the latest in advanced prostate cancer diagnostics.

Multiparametric MRI (MP-MRI) has recently emerged as a valuable tool for determining risk of prostate cancer. Directed biopsy of the prostate based on the MRI decreases both over diagnosis and under diagnosis of cancer lesions. The key to success is taking a prostate cancer diagnosis to an advanced level, beyond the “blind” TRUS biopsy. The best way to identify and evaluate exactly what’s going on in each patient’s prostate is to combine state-of-the-art imaging with a targeted, biopsy. That is, patients who are candidates for such a technology undergo a state of the art multi-parametric MRI. Following this, our MRI fusion biopsy system fuses any pertinent MRI images showing where the abnormal lesions are and superimposes them on our real-time ultrasound images. This allows us to specifically target in real-time, any suspicious lesions seen on an MRI. This system often allows us to find cancers that often can be missed using standard ultrasound imaging alone.

Another example of our expertise is what we do once we attain the biopsy tissue. Once the biopsy is performed, we send our pathology to a dedicated expert pathology lab that uses the SmartBX system. This is a revolutionary pathology system that allows us to pinpoint to the millimeter, where the cancer is found on a biopsy specimen and then to reintegrate that information back into a 3D model of the prostate that was created when performing the biopsy using our new software.

Furthermore, not all prostate cancers are alike. Even 2 men with the same Gleason 6 cancer are not equal. How does one differentiate between a low risk cancer and a high risk cancer if both have the same Gleason score? The answer is prostate cancer gene based testing. We use a test called the Prolaris test that takes your pathology tissue and looks at how quickly certain genes that are associated with prostate cancer are replicating. This allows precise risk stratification for one’s prostate cancer and delineates which of the cancers are more aggressive than others.

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