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Center for Robotics, Laparoscopy, and Advanced Urology
A Division of WESTMED Medical Group

EVOLVE® Laser System for BPH treatment.

If you were going to create the definitive treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) "more commonly known as an enlarged prostate" you'd want it to do more than just relieve symptoms and fix the problem.

You'd want it to be a minimally invasive procedure. One preferred by both doctors and patients. One that uses advanced technology, yet is so simple and effective, it can be done in your doctor's office or as an out-patient procedure in a hospital. Most of all, you'd want it to be one that dramatically reduces side effects, minimizes your discomfort, and offers a remarkably quick recovery time, all while giving you immediate results.

Evolve Laser

As part of our goal in providing the latest and most advanced care in urology, we offer just such a procedure- the Evolve laser system is used to vaporize obstructing prostate tissue that causes the symptoms associated with BPH. We are one of the national leaders in using this technology that has specific advantages over other laser BPH procedures. Our physicians have more experience in using the Evolve laser than anyone in Westchester, Rockland, and Fairfield County. Our physicians have been asked to train others in how to properly perform this procedure.

Click below to see actual video from a laser procedure by Dr. Boczko

The EVOLVE Laser System uses either one of two patented fibers; the Fusion™ and Twister SF™ Fibers. The combined result is a minimally invasive procedure with enhanced patient benefits such as quick recovery, iv sedation that avoids the need for any general anesthesia, and minimal post-treatment side effects or discomfort.  

The 980nm wavelength of the EVOLVE Laser provides the highest combined absorption in water and hemoglobin. Since the prostate contains a high percentage of water, the EVOLVE Laser vaporizes tissue effectively. Absorption of the laser energy by hemoglobin leads to excellent hemostasis which means minimal blood loss and combines it with precise ablation of the obstructing tissue.

EVOLVE® provides a better patient experience through a number of advanced features and benefits:
  • Minimal post-treatment discomfort or side effects
  • IV sedation/Avoiding general anesthesia
  • Quick recovery
  • Outpatient setting
Low Risk of Complications 
  • Low stress on cardiovascular system
  • Protective procedure to reduce the risk of retrograde ejaculation
  • In most cases, there is no impact on sexual performance
  • Ideal for patients taking anticoagulant medications

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