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Urolift for BPH

Dr. Boczko was the first Urologist in Westchester to offer Urolift, a revolutionary treatment for men with an enlarged prostate (BPH= benign prostatic hyperplasia). Urolift is a unique treatment option in that a large majority of patients go home after the procedure without a Foley catheter. It also has minimal sexual side effects including a very low risk of retrograde ejaculation, a common side effect of medicines. This procedure thus allows patients to come off of their BPH medicines (such as Flomax/Tamsulosin and Rapaflo) with an in-office procedure with minimal risks and side effects and without a need for surgery. Some studies suggest that sexual function actually improves after treatment. The most recent published studies have shown a durable benefit for >3 years with high patient satisfaction scores.

Urolift is appropriate for men with an enlarged prostate and urinary symptoms who do not want to take daily medications or who wish to avoid the side effects, need for a Foley catheter, or risks associated with other treatment options. It is most effective for men with an obstructing prostate with mild to moderate enlargement. Some men with more severe urinary symptoms including urinary retention may be candidates for Urolift but might be better candidates for other options. A thorough history, physical, and urinary evaluation is advised to see who is most suitable for a Urolift versus other options available to treat BPH.

Dr. Boczko was recently interviewed by Westchester Magazine about the Urolift procedure since he was one of the first Urologists in Westchester and the NY Metro region to perform the procedure.

How does Urolift Work?

Urolift is not an ablative procedure, meaning it does not destroy the tissue. This is one of the reasons it is so well tolerated with less side effects and risks than the other available BPH procedures. Small implants are permanently placed to hold the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way so it no longer blocks the urethra. There is no cutting, heating or removal of prostate tissue.


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